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The Process

Most counties charge 38% in fees, interest, and penalties on tax bills after just six months of delinquency. Because the counties' penalties increase quickly, Property Tax Aid's process is very fast and efficient – designed to prevent our clients from incurring any additional fees or penalties.

I. The Application

Our application process is primarily over the phone. There is no need to pull credit or worry about a guarantor. The main documentation that we will need is a copy of your entity documents if the property is held by a partnership or company.

II. Application Review

Once the application is complete, the underwriting department reviews the file immediately.

III. The Closing

After approval, the legal department then prepares documentation and a closing is scheduled for later that week or the next. Closings usually last 30 minutes and are held at a location convenient to you.

IV. Completion

Within days of closing, Property Tax Aid pays all outstanding property taxes, interest, fees, and penalties. This entire process often takes less than a week.

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